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  • Welcome to Gourmet Gallery

    • We are the Leading Charter Provisioner in the Virgin Islands since 1983
    • Over 30 years of experience.
    • Long Term Profesional Staff.
    • Free grocery delivery anywhere on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands over $250.00. If it's less, whatever the taxi cab charges, we will charge you.
    • Gourmet Gallery is the oldest and largest charter provisioner in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and, in fact, the entire Caribbean.
    • We have two grocery / charter provisioner store locations in St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands to serve you.

    Charter Provisioner

    Cooking on a boat is no easy chore. Simplification and reduction of preparation times are essentials, and that's where a good charter provisioner like Gourmet Gallery comes in handy. Whether your planning is for yacht or land, when provisioning you need to reduce the time you spend cooking so that you can enjoy your vacation! Cooking isn’t meant to be a burden but rather a joy and Gourmet Gallery of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands can help you. We have the largest selection of gourmet foods and wines in the Caribbean...ready for your selection. Gourmet Gallery makes charter provisioning easy. We help you conceptualize what you need and provide it to you with a minimum of time invested on your part...and with no fuss!

    Grocery Store

    Gourmet Gallery of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, is a full service grocery store with a wide array of multi-ethnic fresh and packaged foods. Since we also serve as a provisioner for charters, we carry a selection of foods from around the world that no other local grocery store can match.Gourmet Gallery offers a wide range of foods for you to choose from, from West Indian to Asian Indian and from American hamburgers to Italian Pasta toppings. Not only do we carry everything you need to prepare your own meals, Gourmet Gallery is the grocery store that also has an unparalleled selection of delicatessen items ready to eat right now! Again, this all comes from all parts of the world: cheeses and wines from France to hummus from the Middle East and olive oils from around the globe.